Apple Valley Bowl

1304 S. Main Street
Plantsville, CT  06479
(860) 628-4553

Beers, Bourbons, and More....

Updated 03/17/2023
Domestic Beers and Seasonals   IPA's, Local, and More…
Angry Orchard   21st Amendment - Blah Blah Blah IPA
Blue Moon   Back East - Lil Scoop IPA
Bud Light   Counterweight - Headway IPA
Budweiser   Down the Road Beer Co. - Golden City IPA
Coors Light   Fool Proof - The Grotto IPA
Corona   Grey Sail - Captain's Daughter IPA
Corona Premium   Lord Hobo - Raspberry Lemon Sour
Guinness   Mackeson - Triple Stout
Heineken   Mother Earth - Hop Diggitty Dbl IPA
Heineken NA   NEBCO - G-Bot Dbl IPA
Kaliber NA   NEBCO - Sea Hag IPA
Michelob Ultra   NEBCO - Supernaut IPA
Miller Lite   Ommegang Brewery - Hennepin
NEBCO Lager   Outerlight - Subduction IPA
Pabst Blue Ribbon   Sam Adams - Hazy IPA
Sam Seasonal - Cold Snap   Smuttynose - Blueberry Lemon Sour
Shipyard - Pumpkin Head   Still Hill - Citrabration IPA
Stella Artois   Stone Brewing - Stone IPA
Twisted Tea   Stony Creek - Lil' Cranky Session IPA
Yuengling - Lager   Stubborn Beauty - Happy Treez IPA
Yuengling - Light   Switchback - Zaboo Hazy IPA
    Toppling Goliath - Golden Nugget IPA
Southern Tier Brewing Exclusives   Two Roads - Dry & Mighty Brut IPA
**NEW** Southern Tier - 2X Juice Jolt    Two Roads - Little Heaven Session IPA
**NEW** Southern Tier - Irish Cream Stout   Two Roads - Passion Fruit Gose
Southern Tier - 3 Citrus Peel   Two Roads - Road 2 Ruin Dbl IPA
Southern Tier - 8 Days a Week   Two Roads - Two Juicy Hazy IPA
Southern Tier - Cherry Cordial   Victory - Golden Monkey Belgian Ale
Southern Tier - Citrus Punch   Victory - Sour Monkey Tripel
Southern Tier - Helles   Victory - Tart Monkey Sour Session Ale
Southern Tier - Muse    
Southern Tier - Samoa This   Seltzers, Wines, and More…
Southern Tier 22oz - Choklat   White Claw - Black Cherry
Southern Tier 22oz - Choklat Oranj   White Claw - Grapefruit
Southern Tier 22oz - Crème   White Claw - Lime
Southern Tier 22oz - Mokah   White Claw - Mango
Southern Tier 22oz - Pumking   White Claw - Raspberry
Southern Tier 22oz - Sonnet   White Claw - Watermelony
Southern Tier 22oz - Tier de Garde   High Noon - Peach
Southern Tier 22oz - Triple Café   High Noon - Pineapple
Southern Tier 22oz - Warlock   Frontera - Cab/Merlot
    Frontera - Chardonnay
ALWAYS ON TAP   Gallo - Moscato
Bud Light   Cavit - Pinot Grigio
Counterweight - Headway   Crane Lake - White Zinfadel
NEBCO - Sea Hag   Prosecco
Outer Limit - Libation Propaganda   Southern Tier - Peanut Butter Cup Stout
Stubburn Beauty - Nummy Nummy   NEBCO - Stegosaurus - Brut IPA
Back East - Ice Cream Man   Two Roads - Two Juicy
Victory - Golden Monkey   NEBCO - G-BOT
    NEBCO - Fuzzy Baby Ducks
    NEBCO - Double Fuzzy Baby Ducks